Baker's wildlife services



Prompt and Professional Solutions to Wildlife Problems since 1994.

Serving Lansing Michigan

Humane Removal and Relocation, Repairs and Prevention


Baker's Wildlife Services is full service company providing prompt and professional solutions to wildlife problems for property owners in the Lansing Michigan area.


At Baker's Wildlife Services, we bring to you more than 20 years of experience in resolving wildlife issues and protecting your property. Kevin Baker, the owner, is a graduate of Advanced Home Inspection Training, U of M Flint. We are fully licensed and insured company.

Some of the animals we control at Baker's Wildlife Services are:

• Bats

• Moles

• Woodchucks

• Pigeons

• Sparrows

• Mice

• Squirrels

• Raccoons

• Groundhogs

• Opossum

• Muskrats

• Rats

• And more!

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