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Stop raccoons, bats, skunks, squirrels, moles, birds and other animals from causing further damage to your home and property with the professional animal removal services of Baker's Wildlife Services. We will remove the offending animals and offer guaranteed repairs to prevent their re-entry. No matter what your wildlife problem, our experienced technicians will give your property a complete inspection and formulate a strategy for an efficient resolution to your conflict.

Prompt and Professional Solutions to Wildlife Problems Since 1994

Raccoons - Baker's Wildlife Services, Michigan

A complete inspection to find all factors contributing to your problem (entry holes, property damage, sources of food or water, routes of access to the structure, etc.).


A written inspection report and a complete explanation of the situation and removal strategy will be provided.

Our Animal Removal Process Includes:

Traps will be checked daily. All animals will be trapped, removed and relocated.

Follow-up inspections will be made to be certain all animals are gone from your home.